BMW 2002 Hood Vent Screen

Tired of cleaning the leaves, twigs and accumulated debris from the three rubber drain tubes along the firewall of your BMW 2002? I use the eraser end of a new pencil for this chore, which becomes a real hassle if you park in a wooded area. After seeing the black screen meshes used in the hood grills of new BMW's, I knew the factory shortchanged its 2002 owners. I have found the perfect solution, however: DuPont's Vexar Gutter Guard, which is a black plastic mesh. A six-inch by twenty-five-foot roll will cost you $2.89. Cut off about three feet and put the rest over your house gutter. If you cut it properly this product is flexible enough to force-fit inside the hood under the vent slots. Wedge it under the lip on the hood mid-line and between the hood edge and the rubber seal. Do the same for the other side. You will have to cut two small holes for the washer outlets. An alternative method of installation would be to epoxy the mesh under the vents, but I would rather be able to pull it out completely for cleaning.

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