Wind Noise

For the longest time, my 1976 2002 had been plagued with a high-pitched "whistle" at speeds exceeding 35 miles per hour. The noise appeared to be coming from the driver's side/front quarter panel area. After much effort (and a high frequency hearing loss!), I was able to pinpoint the problem as the large piece of side molding on the driver's side. The seams in the front of this molding were not completely sealed and air was being forced into the structure, causing it to act like a natural whistle.
~ Robert Hoffman

Wind Whistle
The “whistle” was driving me nuts on my ’74 tii and I tried the different remedies listed in I found out that the loud whistle was due to a loose chrome (actually anodized Al) trim at the leading edge of the hood. When I removed the chrome trim and drove the car, the whistle was gone. In looking back, I realized that when I reinstalled the plastic retaining clips that hold the trim on the hood after a recent paint job, they were not fully seated causing a gap between the trim and the hood. I removed and correctly reinstalled new clips on the hood (re-drilled the holes that became tighter in due to paint overspray – that was the culprit!). This fix allowed the trim to snap on tight to the body. The result is zero gap and zero whistle at all speeds. It was like night and day. Hope this helps if the other remedy doesn’t.
~ Ed Marcelo


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